Thomas Kaiser is a young painter, haunted by dreams about a beautiful sleeping princess. One day he finds out that he has an uncle he never knew who just died. His inheritance is an old manor that has been in his family for generations. While exploring his new home, Thomas finds its infested with spider webs, worthless old baroque relics and a reputation that makes Motel Bates look like the perfect holiday inn. It’s already hard to sell a house with such a pedigree, but the manor will reveal one last secret hidden in a secret underground basement. While dusting off an old family album that looks like a rip-off of The Necronomicon, Thomas learns he also inherited a curse that dates from the crusades. It’s a gloomy story about an ancestor who screwed up big time with a comatose princess and a flock of demons who currently call the manor their home!

Inspired by the classic Brothers Grimm story, this reboot of Sleeping Beauty impresses with its unique atmosphere, reminding you of Silent Hill, The Cell and Insidious. Between mind-blowing visuals worthy of Tarsem Singh and a well-rounded know how in the style of James Wan, Pearry Teo, producer of Cloud Atlas, hits all the right notes, with beautiful Natalie Hall (True Blood, Pretty Little Liars) trapped in this countdown together with Bruce Davidson (X Men).

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