At first glance, it seems like the perfect crime scene even a Clancy Wiggums or Vinnie Schtulmans are able to crack, with the dead body of the victim on one side and that of the killer on the other. All they need to do is find the motive and bam, another case closed. But there’s one detail that troubles our detectives. The autopsy shows that the presumed murderer turns out to have died some three months ago… In the meantime, journalist Jin-hee receives a phone call from a viewer who admits to be culprit. Even better, he proposes to do an exclusive interview on her show, promising quite a hefty scoop. On D-Day, the suspect casually arrives in the building, surrounded by 50 cops and has his 15 minutes of fame in front of the camera. Not only has he planned three more murders, he also unveils the names of the future victims, the date on which it will take place and the means by which he hopes to wipe them out, that is to say… with an army of living dead! He then vanishes in a flurry of ashes. Not something you see on TV every day, ey?

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