Seven adults and two children live together in a few rooms of a huge building. They cannot or don’t want to leave the building. But there is not much food and supplies are running short. According to an old man who lives apart from the community and who takes care of all repairs, everything started during the last great war. Chemical weapons were used that converted most of the population into mindless, sick beings, whose touch alone could be lethal. The infected are called “ strangers ” and they wander around the building, trying to get in. Then there are the “ invisibles ”, another terrible mutation from the war. These creatures are already in the building. No one can see them. Their presence can only be detected because they make the temperature fall below zero degrees. When the strangers manage to penetrate the building, the small community must fight for their lives. The Cold Hour is not only a horror film, it is also an exercise in style. One location and a dedicated team of actors are all that is used to disturb, frighten and entertain the audience. This means that terror will come from suggestion and our emotional involvement with the characters will come from our identification with their hopes and fears within an enclosed space. Starring Silke ( Tierra, Tuno Negro ), Jorge Casalduero ( The City of No Limits ) and Pepo Oliva ( Todo por la Pasta, Celos ).

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