The Day Shall Come

Ten year ago, Christopher Morris unleashed FOUR LIONS on us, a ferocious political satire about four bumbling British Muslim jihadists and their failed attempts at domestic terrorism. This year we’re treated to a cautionary tale for our times, which – according to the opening titles – is “Based on a Hundred True Stories”. Because, yes folks, reality once again beats fiction hands down. As it seems to be easier to create your own terrorists instead of catching real ones, the FBI has led numerous sting operations over the years, trying to deliberately provoke, radicalize and imprison suspected or potential threats to the homeland. The menace to society in THE DAY SHALL COME is Moses Al Shabazz, a self-styled guru who rages against the gentrification of his Miami neighborhood and who wants to lead a pacifist agrarian revolution with this three followers and his family. But Moses needs money for the cause and special agent Kendra (Anna Kendrick from PITCH PERFECT) lures him into a trap which goes from being offered automatic weapons by a false al-Qaeda operative to dealing fake nuclear weapons to undercover cops posing as neo-Nazis.

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