You can call it a sickness or an anomaly, but the fact is that Antoine only exists one day out of two. Every other day at midnight he disappears to reappear again the day after at the same time and place. There’s no cloud of smoke or blinding flash. He just isn’t there for 24 hours. Antoine has learned to adapt himself to his extraordinary situation. But when he meets Clementine and falls in love with her, things start to get complicated. How can you love someone and only be with her one day out of two ? How can you not be jealous for the days that she doesn’t live with you ?

Based on the novel Temps Mort (Dead Time) by Marcel Aymé, The Days that I don’t Exist explores the modern themes of time, life and absence. Do we take enough advantage of the time that is given to us ? Can we live several existences at the same time ? Director Jean-Charles Fitoussi manages to let us accept the impossible in his very original debut feature. Antoine Chappey (When the Cat’s Away, The Milk of Human Kindness) is perfect as the curious hero Antoine who tries in vain to lengthen his days.

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