Summer break is almost over. Four youngsters are punished by having to clean the school and can only leave when everything is spick-and-span. At first sight, it looks like the school was left by a very enthused group of students, but soon they realize a horrible event has taken place. While trying to unravel the mysterious havoc, they are chased by four marauding, masked people. These four Gas Masks seem like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as they represent Famine, Pestilence, War, and finally Death. They set traps and hunt the young students down. While the youngsters are fighting to survive, they discover that they’re more involved with the ravaged school than they first thought. After seven years of hard work, director Jeremy Kasten and writer Zach Chassler return to the BIFFF for the first time since THE WIZARD OF GORE (2008). Kasten calls THE DEAD ONES, with four unknown Baltimore youngsters as lead characters, his “most relentless and personal picture yet”. In a razor-sharp way, he tackles burning topics like bullying, school shootings, and mental health. It’s a merciless high school horror story, with ghosts that won’t leave you alone just yet.

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