The most powerful biotech lab in the world has finally managed to clone great historical figures with just a drop of DNA. Since then, it has been organizing clandestine auctions for clones of Michelangelo, Galileo and Vivaldi at prices that only Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk can afford. Simply for profit? Oh, no! You see, this laboratory is in the hands of a satanic cult that has just stolen the Shroud of Turin. In other words, they have just stolen the DNA of Christ. In the same swift move, they have also kidnapped Laura, an American art history student, and killed a priest. The latter, before taking his last breath, begs the archangel Michael to use his body to prevent the unspeakable: the insemination of Laura so that she gives birth to the clone of Christ. A clone that would serve as an ultimate offering to the Devil so that he comes back on Earth to make one hell of a mess…
This world premiere is one of the most tempting, not to say daring pitches of these last few years! If director Nathan Frankowski was aware of the risks he was taking with such a script, he had the good idea of not limiting his imagination. The result? A gloriously straight-faced spectacle that’s as if Chuck Norris would walk right into The Da Vinci Code and smash the place into one bloody pulp. Is this what Christ died for on the cross?

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