When summer comes to Madrid, the old folk tremble before the heatwave that will wipe out many of their peers. If most of them go into hiding in front of their fan, Mario’s mother opts for a definitive breath of fresh air by jumping out of a window for no apparent reason. The shock for Mario’s dad is so great that he immediately sinks into a form of dementia, while the temperature in the city keeps on climbing. Mario decides to move back in, but daddy’s strange behavior becomes ever more alarming. And he’s not the only one. All the seniors in the neighborhood seem to suffer from a collective sunstroke. While the Minister of Pensions is already rejoicing with temperatures that exceed 50 °C, the atmosphere at Mario’s place is way less funky. Especially when, in the middle of dinner, his dad announces, as casually as someone might ask for the salt, that he’s going to kill all of them tomorrow evening. Oh, and have we already mentioned the temperature? They just presented THE PASSENGER at the BIFFF 2022 and now Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez are already back with their follow-up, a horror flick in which the temperatures rise as quickly as the tension! With this openly provocative title, the duo questions the way we look at the elderly, considered by the most cynical among us as little more than dead weight dragging our society down. But they’re actually imagining their (bloody) revenge. Without forgetting the extraordinary performance by Zorion Eguileor (THE PLATFORM, LOST AND FOUND)!

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