Irish John O’Brien has been captured by British Intelligence, who also confiscated the computer discs he was working on. From these designs, his captors have constructed The Viper – the Vehicle for Interception, Protection, Elimination and Reconnaissance – a terrifying, turbocharged weapon intended for urban warfare. Hawk, the military commander of the Organisation, an illegal group based in Northern Ireland, orders Stone, who is better known as “the Eliminator”, to infiltrate the base, rescue O’Brien and bring back The VIPER. After a series of breathtaking action sequences, and one of the most spectacular car chases ever filmed, Stone and O’Brien flee the base and return to Ireland – but The VIPER is destroyed. Back home, Hawk is outraged that Stone should return without The VIPER, and in a treacherous frenzy, kills his former comrade. But vengeance will not rest in peace. Stone returns from the dead and launches a tense and bloody game of cat-and-mouse against Hawk and The Organisation which double-crossed him.
In the tradition of low budget successes like The Evil Dead, Bad Taste and El Mariachi, The Eliminator is Ireland’s first high-octane, non-stop action, low-budget spoof thriller. Made by and starring a group of remarkably enthusiastic complete unknowns, The Eliminator bears little resemblance to any other film ever made about Northern Ireland. 22-Year-old director Enda Hughes is a true movie addict who has been making short films on Super 8 for years. After saving up money he’d made deejaying in a nightclub, he got his cousin Denis O’Hare doing all the special effects, production design and stunt work while his brother Michael did the casting and also starred in the movie.

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