A strange envelope is delivered to an architectural film by mistake. Igor, a driver, is charged with bringing it back to the right address. From that fateful moment on, his life becomes a string of paranormal events. The cursed letter invades Igor’s life and leads him to a mysterious addressee. Russian horror cinema is not new and at the BIFFF we’re aware that it’s up and coming. But The Envelope creates a unique setting through strong cinematographic images. Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy’s The Bride, shown at the festival last year, was bought by the Americans for a remake. We hope The Envelope will have the same fate. This might be Vladimir Markov’s first movie, but he certainly has a nose for acting talent. Standing out in this bewitching horror thriller are Yuliya Peresild and Olga Medynich, two actresses who are well-known in their country, but still have to be discovered over here. Will Mother Russia share some of her talent with the international scene ?

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