Blinded in an accident at age 5, Sydney Wells is a concert violinist nervously awaiting an operation to replace her corneas. Afterward, she almost immediately begins seeing strange things, which her sister Helen, conductor Simon McCullough and specialist Dr. Faulkner assume at first is simply a result of disorientation in adjusting to her new, sensory-overload world. But the visions become more vivid and disturbing. Sydney gets premonitions of deaths, then sees the victims being led away by ghouls. She experiences hallucinatory nightmares involving people trapped in a fire. When the late, anonymous eye donor begins to appear in her mirror, Sydney convinces the reluctant Dr. Faulkner to go with her to Mexico to find out what the dead donor is trying to communicate from the beyond. The Eye is the Hollywood remake of the 2002 Thai horror sensation by Danny and Oxide Pang. French co-directors David Moreau and Xavier Palud earned their credentials in 2006 with their shocking horror debut Them. They’ve done an excellent job in creating a uniquely haunting atmosphere in which the real and spiritual worlds are unpleasantly hard to separate. Jessica Alba ( Sin City, Into The Blue, Fantastic Four ) is undoubtedly the star of the movie as vision-struck violinist Sydney Wells. With solid supporting performances from Alessandro Nivola ( Face/Off, Jurassic Park III ) as Dr. Faulkner, Parker Posey ( Blade : Trinity, Superman Returns ) as Helen Wells and Rade Serbedzija ( Mission Impossible II, Batman Begins ) as Sydney’s conductor.

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