Hollywood, the roaring twenties. Roy Walker, a stunt man, has just terribly hurt himself while trying to mount a horse on a railroad bridge. Convalescing in a beautiful, austere old hospital, he learns that he may lose the use of his legs. A respite from this deep depression comes in the form of a little girl named Alexandra, an immigrant from Eastern Europe who has broken her arm picking apples. In her, Roy sees an escape. They make a deal. He will tell her the most fantastic story imaginable and she will steal morphine from the hospital pharmacy for him, just in case he cannot take it anymore. So begins a most extraordinary tale featuring five heroes, each from a different corner of the globe, all out to avenge the wrongs wrought by a powerful aristocrat. The Fall, a visually innovative and astounding mix of warm-hearted period drama and epic fantasy, is the labour of love from acclaimed videoclip and feature film director Tarsem Singh ( The Cell ). It’s a stunning experience for its sheer originality, ambition and concept. Shot in more than 23 different countries, from Turkey to Cambodia to Chile to Prague, it dazzles the eye and enthrals the mind. From underwater shots of elephants swimming and massed Sufi dancers to Brothers Quay-type animation, The Fall is stuffed with amazing sights. This aesthetically sumptuous experience stars Lee Pace ( The Good Shepherd ), Justine Waddell ( Mansfield Park, Dracula 2000, Thr3e ), Daniel Caltagirone ( The Beach, The Four Feathers, After ) and Leo Bill ( 28 Days Later, The Living and the Dead ).

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