The Fallen

“It’s a family affair. One child grows up to be somebody that just loves to learn. Another child grows up to be somebody we just love to burn” Sly & The Family Stone once sang. Yes, family business can be hard. Yes, Rain is such a child we just love to burn. Her daddy, the biggest drug lord of Hong Kong, a Crystal Meth King, was very fond of her but still abandoned her. She decided to take her leave and never again gave any sign of life. Twenty years later dad dies. The who’s who of the underworld gather for the funeral under the pouring rain, where Rain makes her long-awaited come-back. Time for cake and family albums? Not quite. Despite her two decades of absence, daddy’s blood clearly runs through her veins. She demands to take over his grand drug empire, but that’s not what the other kingpins had in minds. They’re not planning to let some little girl get in the way… If Shakespeare had had the idea of writing THE GODFATHER with Lady MacBeth, it’d have probably looked a bit like this homage to the Hong Kong film noir, in which vengeance is a dish best served cold… and hyper-stylized!

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