A young and beautiful woman struggles with her own fears when she is home alone, because of her mental health, and these are irrational fears that she cannot control! Although terrified, she must one day confront the sudden appearance of two merciless killers threatening her and her young boy. A long and slow wait full of suspense begins…

Consider a young and rather pretty woman (Christine LAHTI), in the grip of minor psychic disorders, a manly and seductive man (Dylan McDERMOTT) and, last but not least, a dangerous psychopath (Jennifer RUBIN). Mix it up and it will give you a well-seasoned thriller: THE FEAR INSIDE! A slow descent into hell for a well-tormented soul. The performances of this film were almost unanimously acclaimed by the English-speaking press. The result of a technical work of direction and a high quality editing is this wonderfully orchestrated film by Leon ICHASO. THE FEAR INSIDE follows the path of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE and many other thrillers!

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