Damn, now we have to look for a new title for our documentary about the founders of the BIFFF. But well, we’re happy that it went to such a fantastic film. You see, “Les Cinq Diables” are five mountain peaks in the French Alps after which the village is named where Joanne (Adèle Exarchopoulos – BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR) lives. She’s a pool instructor along with her ex-BFF Nadine (Daphne Patakia, who played a lustful nun in BENEDETTA) and her hunk of a man Jimmy (Moustapha Mbengue), with whom she has a lovely 7-year-old daughter Vicky. Vicky is a really special kid who lives in her own little world and who has a very peculiar gift. Her sense of smell is even more developed than a dog. And that’s not everything! She collects little things and products people use in a jar with their name labelled on it, so that their smell is always within reach. One day when she opens the ‘MAMA’ jar, the scent overwhelms her and she’s transported to a different place and time. She sees her mommy, very young, and her dad with a person she doesn’t know yet: Julia, her dad’s sister who ran away from home. The sudden ring of the doorbell snaps her out of her hallucination. Who is it? Julia! And she has seen Vicky before. Ten years ago, to be exact… Five years after the already stellar AVA, Léa Mysius confirms her enormous talent as an image enchantress. She wraps a fragile story of family secrets and being different in a magical cloak of splashy pop colors and ditto soundtrack (wanna bet you’ll have “Total Eclipse of the Heart” stuck in your head all evening?), shot on grainy 35mm. The devil’s in the details.

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