Best friends Kayla and Maddie are not exactly pushovers. During a nightly graffiti excursion, however, they find themselves stalked and eventually abducted. Kayla wakes up in a nondescript forest, locked in some kind of coffin and clueless as to where she might be. Heaven knows what happened to Maddie. Then she notices a scary masked man who approaches her at breakneck speed, all the while swinging a freshly sharpened ax. She decides not to inquire as to his (no doubt peaceful) intentions and runs for her dear life. But then she notices she’s not the only one doing so because seven more women are being chased by men with masks. It turns out that if the woman dies, the man wins an instant one-way ticket to the grave, too. Kayla is not yet resigned to kicking the bucket and tries to save as many fellow-sufferers as she possibly can. But when they turn against one another, her killer instinct is unleashed and heads will roll… In his first feature, Australian filmmaker Tony D’Aquino zooms in on the survival games you can follow on line or on the small screen. He clearly found inspiration in films like BATTLE ROYALE, DIVERGENT, THE MAZE RUNNER, and other HUNGER GAMES. The result is a no-holds-barred horror thriller for which the fainthearted better abstain!

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