Young Lilith has just arrived at Saint-Raimi boarding school and has no trouble making new friends. But soon she realizes that many of the boarders are haunted by mysterious dark shadows. She alarms the direction, but they don’t take her seriously. So she asks the help of the Brother Schimm, professional ghostbusters who usually just sweep the gallery of ghosts right back under the bed or lock ‘m up in a poorly-secured box. They agree to help her out, convinced that it’ll be just another routine job, but the thing that is lurking at the school is definitely not Casper the friendly ghost on a bad day, oh no… It took the Ostade brothers nearly 10 years to finish the film, but their determination has been amply rewarded. DE GEBROEDERS SCHIMM has nothing to fear from Hollywood productions, whether it be in terms of visuals, special effects or in spirit. Because yes, the film is a joyful celebration of American genre classics from the 70’s and 80’s with many, many puns (though you’ll have to brush up your Dutch!) and clever winks to GREMLINS, THE EXORCIST, ALIEN and many more. A true delight for the kids (9+) and their seasoned horror film fanatic parents!

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