Annie Wilson has always had the special gift of predicting the future. Her telepathic talents are both a blessing and a curse. In her small Arkansan town, ignorance and fear lead some people to call her a witch. Yet Annie’s psychic readings for her appreciative neighbours provide much needed financial support for a single mother raising three young boys. When Annie is asked to help solve a gruesome murder, she leads the police to a pond where they find the body. The owner, a crazed wifebeating farmer who has been threatening and terrorizing Annie for weeks, is arrested for the murder. After the trial, Annie still can’t sleep at night. Convinced that the wrong man is in jail, she asks the authorities to re-open the case. With no shortage of potential suspects, Annie can only rely on her psychic powers for protection, as the killer is now heading straight for the only witness. Festival favourite Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness, The Quick and the Dead, A Simple Plan) has directed an intense supernatural thriller that can rely on haunting visuals and an excellent cast. Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth, Oscar and Lucinda) stars as Annie. With further parts by Keanu Reeves (Speed, The Devil’s Advocate, The Matrix), Greg Kinnear (As Good As It Gets, Nurse Betty), Oscar winner Hilary Swank (Boys Don’t Cry) and Giovanni Ribisi (Lost Highway, Saving Private Ryan). The script was written by Billy Bob Thornton (One False Move, Slingblade) and Tom Epperson (One False Move, A Family Thing).

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