The gifted and very talented Melanie has an incredible thirst for
learning. Every morning she counts the seconds before the beginning
of classes and prepares well in advance in her padded cell. Every time,
the ritual is the same. She takes place in a wheelchair where her arms,
legs and head are immobilized. Then two heavily armed soldiers take
her out of her cell to the classroom. There she joins the other pupils,
who also look like little Hannibal Lecters. You might think that this
is Donald Trump’s wet dream of a boot camp for illegals, but the
situation is even more serious. A virus has reduced the majority of
the world’s population into a bunch of ravenous cannibals that are
as hungry as they are violent. Melanie and the other children are a
hybrid species. They’re cannibals on a diet as long as the survivors
apply a special gel to their skin. But these kids might hold the key to
stop this global carnage, provided that everyone keeps their little tube
of ointment at hand. Otherwise they’ll turn into a free for all buffet.
It’s not that often that the English make a post-apocalyptic zombie
film. After all, it’s hard to surpass 28 Days Later. But with Colm
McCarthy’s adaptation of Mike Carey’s bestseller, we finally have a
worthy successor. The director of Outcast, Peaky Blinders and Doctor
Who has gathered a top-notch cast, including Glenn Close, Gemma
Arterton and Paddy Considine, for a survival epic that brilliantly reinvents
the cat and mouse game with fierce flesh eaters.
No wonder we’re kicking off the BIFFF with The Girl
With All The Gifts.

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