Butong is a monk of the Xuanguang Temple, but he’s not just your average monk. To begin with, he has a funny name that nobody dares to laugh with because of his supernatural powers. Where did he get them from? He doesn’t have a clue. His dysfunctional family has definitely nothing to do with it. One day, his mentor falls victim to a godly thunderbolt and receives an epiphany: Butong is the Golden Child, punished by the gods for having broken the holy rules. He had all the heavenly powers at his disposition, but decided to throw it all away by falling in love with demon huntress Jade. His punishment is to be reincarnated a hundred times, without any memories of his great love. Jade however hasn’t forgotten at all and tries to conquer his heart with each reincarnation. Our friends from Hong Kong haven’t speared a penny for THE GOLDEN MONK with rising star Kai Zheng (THE GREAT WALL) in the lead. Stephen Chow’s JOURNEY TO THE WEST was certainly on the watch list of directors Billy Chung and Wong Jing (of whom you can also see CHASING THE DRAGON at this year’s BIFFF) when they made this spectacular fantasy blockbuster.

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