Rudi is the perfect example of a goody-goody. Always polite, on the straight path, never a disagreeable word, discrete and efficient at work. A man with manners and the pride of his grandpa, with whom he has a very strong bond. But one evening Grandpa receives a phone call from the police telling him Rudi has been involved in a pretty heavy car accident. Grandpa already fears for the worst. The police tell him that Rudi’s the one who caused the accident and that the insurance company is probably going to soak up whatever savings he’s got left. Luckily the other driver is not against an amicable settlement, but to do so Grandpa first has a gather all the cash he’s got lying around to house and hand over the sum in an envelope to the police officer that is waiting in front of his door… Of course one phone call to his grandson is enough to realize he’s just been scammed. And Rudi has a very hard time digesting that. Such a hard time even that he decides he’s no longer going to play mister nice guy. Cause nobody lays a hand on his Grandpa… Capiche?! Inspired by a real-life telephone swindle that spread like wildfire all over Eastern Europa, and which even reached our country (that’s right), Kristof Deak – who won an Oscar for his short SING – sheds light on this still little known phenomenon. His film falls in between a thriller and a black comedy, with even a hint of emotional tears thrown into the mix: his own grandfather was one of the numerous victims of the hoax. Well, now he’s got his silver-screen revenge!

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