Paris. At a public sale of a horror theatre the distinguished surgeon Gogol acquires an image of Yvonne Orlac, a well-known actress whom he fancies.
That same night at a train accident the hands of Yvonne Orlac’s husband, a famous pianist, are irreparably maimed. The actress seeks doctor Gogol’s help, but at the moment of double hand amputation, he is informed that the deceased body of Rollo, a correctly executed criminal has arrived. And he has the outrageous idea to transplant the hands of the criminal onto the pianist.

Film show on improvised music by GARRETT LIST AND THE REAL LIVE ORCHESTRA
Garrett List (Trombone)
Denis Poisseur (Synthesyzer)
Jean-Pierre Urband (Gitar)
Marc Pirard (Gitar)
«The music by Garrett List unites the expressive from jazz with the formal of modern music. The result is a fusion, which fascinates and speaks to our inner feelings» (New York Times 1978).

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