Sarah hasn’t had an easy life so far. She tries to turn the page by taking her young son to a new abode in a rural setting. Behind her house, the woods stretch out for miles: the ideal spot to get away from it all, isn’t it? But one night, she wakes up with a sense of foreboding, prompting her to reconnoiter with her flashlight at the ready. Almost on her back doorstep, she finds a gigantic sinkhole, the terrestrial equivalent of those black holes in outer space: anything that gets sucked in is irretrievably lost. When on top of that her son starts behaving weirdly and she has a terrifying encounter with a bizarre neighbor, her already distraught mind risks becoming seriously unhinged. Will she hold her ground or will she sink into the quagmire of panic and paranoia? In 2013 Irish screenwriter-director Lee Cronin won the Silver Raven for Best European Fantastic Short with GHOST TRAIN. THE HOLE IN THE GROUND, his first feature, was promptly selected for the prestigious Sundance Festival. For this nerve-shattering mix of horror and psychodrama, he went fishing in the same pond as THE OMEN, THE SHINING, and HEREDITARY. We can think of worse influences!

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