The young and talented television journalist Karen gets the opportunity of a lifetime in her career. She is being called by a certain Eddie who claims to be responsible for a series of gruesome murders that happened the last three days in Los Angeles. He proposes an exclusive interview. They agree to meet each other in a sex shop. Eddie arrived a little too early. He is sitting in a small room privately watching a porno film. However when she notices his figure she notices that his body is lacking every human form. She escapes this adventure in one piece… but she will have to recover from the shock in a home for the elderly. The Howling is important in the history of fantastic film. For one thing it confirmed the talent of Joe Dante who at the time had directed only one film (Piranha) but has delivered quality products ever since. On the other hand The Howling put the spotlights on Bob Bottin’s talent. He accomplished stunning werewolf transformations that made the film notorious.

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