One moment some 80 people are walking on a big city street. Suddenly a blinding light appears that transports them to a very peculiar racing course. A voice sounds in everybody’s head : “The school, the house and the prison are safe. Follow the arrows or you will die. Stay on the path or you will die. If you’re doubled twice, you will die. Do not touch the grass or you will die. Race or die.” Whether you’re rich or poor, old or young, blind, strong, handicapped, courageous or a coward; the rules make no distinction. There can be only one winner ! The best genre movies can often be summarized in one phrase and The Human Race, the long feature debut of Paul Hough, definitely belongs to this category : “Race or die !”. And this brilliantly simple concept is translated into one of strongest and most original films of the year. The Human Race fascinates from start to finish, is never predictable, lives up to its concept and is over before you know it. This is survival horror at its very best, with strong, credible characters that you also don’t very often see in this kind of films : two deaf best friends, a highly pregnant woman, a WO II veteran in a wheelchair, two young kids and a one-legged Iraq veteran. The latter is a part by Eddie McGee, who really does miss a leg and gives a superb performance that will blow your mind. Battle Royale has finally found a worthy successor.

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