Beautiful model Jiajia has lost her heart to her Japanese boyfriend Shimizu. She follows him to his native country, where he’ll introduce her to her family, the owners of an inn in a remote mountain region known for its warm water springs. She regularly sends news to her stylist and best friend Wai. Then the messages stop coming and a worried Wai travels to Japan to find Jiajia. She gets a cold welcome from Shimizu’s mother, who runs the inn with an iron hand, while her son seems to be in an alcoholic stupor all the time. But the worst of all is that no one knows where Jiajia is. And then the first murder happens. Nobody is safe from the killer who seems to target the inhabitants of the inn. All traces lead to Jiajia… There are a whole lot of dark family secrets in the closet in The Incredible Truth, a mystery thriller by Tak-Sam Leong (Colour of Pain, Explosive City). This Chinese-Japanese co-production guides you through a web of intrigue with an astonishing and shocking conclusion. Starring Megumi Kagurazaka (13 Assassins, Cold Fish, Guilty of Romance), Jun Kunimura (Kill Bill) and Christy Chung (Samsara, The Medaillon).

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