The things we do to please our wife, ey? Take Ui-gang for example. While his better half is out having fun on a two-week vacation with a girlfriend, he begrudgingly agree to babysit the latter’s teenage daughter. He’s not too thrilled about it and neither is the girl for that matter. So let’s just make the best of it, shall we? But he can forget about that, ‘cause the girl gets kidnapped on day one and Ui-gang is going to be forced to inflict pain. Lots of pain. Oh, didn’t we mention he’s a trained killer? Well, after all, it was all there in the title… He’s going to play it like that other cold-blooded assassin on the other side of the Pacific who lost his doggie. That is, dig up the root of evil, chase it all the way down and go berserk on every last one of ‘m, all the while carefully ignoring the incoming calls of his beloved wife… Adapted from the aptly named THE KID DESERVES TO DIE, this uber-stylized action gem is nothing less than a badass cross between JOHN WICK and THE RAID. So, get out the popcorn (it’s an image, leave our seats alone!) and enjoy this avalanche of face-melting set piece after face-melting set piece. The next-level martial arts fights scenes would make Bruce Lee blush and there’s also an impressive amount of knife-wielding and axe-slinging, courtesy of Jang “Wick” Hyuk, who also excels in TOMB OF THE RIVER!

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