Suzanne obviously has it all: an ideal husband, a perfect little girl and a job she excels at. As a renowned psychologist with an impressive string of bestsellers, she makes enough to afford all the finer things in life. All she has to do is listen to her tortured patients, all day long. Kind of a drag, but hey at least this day is almost over. She’s only got one more client left who is probably going to talk to her about his drunken mother and her cross-eyed daddy, and then she can go home. Her last client is called Mark and he looks like a textbook patient. But she has made a rookie’s mistake in judging the book by its cover. Because what is inside this book – and on the front pages of all the tabloids for that matter – is pretty ugly. Mark is a serial killer with the nasty habit of ripping fetuses out of his victims… And he has one proposition for Suzanne. She has one hour to cure him. Or else she’ll be the next one on the front pages!
Like SHUTTER ISLAND or THE USUAL SUSPECTS, some films possess that rare art of manipulating even the most experienced viewers with its perverse mechanisms. And Anders Rønnow Klarlund’s (POSSESSED – BIFFF 2000, HOW TO GET RID OF THE OTHERS – BIFFF 2007) newest (written under his writer’s pseudonym, AJ Kazinski) is clearly one of those, keeping you guessing until the very last minute. So, for all those jaded I’ve-seen-it-all braggadocios: we’re sure you won’t see this one coming!

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