Are you sick and tired of your husband and you can’t resist the urge for a little life insurance fraud? Are your parents pissing you off about your school results while you’re impatiently waiting for your trust fund? Is your boss a greedy little pig keeping your salary raise for himself? Then go to a nice little bar, order a bourbon on the rocks and sit your lazy ass down. Sooner or later, you’ll meet A-Gu, a femme fatale who will hire someone to do the job you are too cowardly to do yourself. And no, we’re not talking about dry cleaning, but an acid bath for a job without traces or evidence. It’s all handled with care by a professional cleaner with an outstanding appreciation score named “No.1, Chingtian Street” (well, yeah, the name Leon was already taken!). Unfortunately, you will have to be patient with your serial cleaner, for he is currently haunted by the ghosts of his past victims. And that’s a lot!

Described as one of the most promising director of Taiwan, Chung Lee blends his influences from dark crime thrillers and comedy to Taiwanese ghost stories. After his studies in the US, he delivers with The Laundryman, where Joseph Chang (aka the Taiwanese Brad Pitt) and Sonia Sui (the Asian sitcom queen) are facing off an ectoplasmic version of Leon!

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