Two dancers (Kate Bush and Stewart Arnold) rehearse for a performance in a hot, wet room. Kate is left alone when lightning strikes during a thunderstorm and the power goes out. Suddenly, a mysterious woman (Miranda Richardson) with bandaged hands and red ballet shoes steps out of the mirror. She persuades Kate to draw three symbols—a line, a cross and a bow—and to give up her soul in exchange for the red shoes. These will lead her through the mirror to another world. A guide (Lindsay Kemp) appears and tells her that the only way back is to call up the symbols while singing.

The Line, the Cross and the Curve is the debut of Kate Bush, the well-known singer who has always stubbornly and successfully followed her own path. Together with Lindsay Kemp of the Lindsay Kemp Dance Company, she transformed her last CD “The Red Shoes” into an energetic feast of colours, music, and dance. Seven songs are used as a guideline in a story that is a homage to the classic film The Red Shoes by Michael Powell and Emerick Pressburger. Miranda Richardson (Dance with a Stranger, Damage, The Crying Game) helps her as the witch in the mirror.

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