Having a curfew set by your parents is a burden, but having one set by haunted ghosts is just plain evil ! Set in Ireland in the early 1920s, The Lodgers tells the story of twins living in a house controlled by “lodgers”, evil spirits that give them three rules: be in bed before midnight, never bring strangers home, and don’t try to escape because you’ll put your sibling’s life in danger. And you thought your parents where too strict when you were a kid ? Of course one of the twins gets a crush on a brave soldier returning from combat and things start getting out of hand. The rules aren’t being observed and her brother’s lifespan is getting shorter… This is a Cinderella story, but told with the right purpose: to scare children ! The Lodgers is the newest feature by acclaimed director Brian O’Malley, who with Let Us Prey won the Silver Méliès at the BIFFF 2014. Once more he proves that the haunting meadows of Scotland and Ireland provide an ideal location for frightening horror.

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