Overprotected by his mother, socially autistic Oliver spends his time watching episodes of Alf in his candy-colored house. But when his mother accidentally ends up impaled on a garden gnome, his little world falls apart. He now feels completely and utterly alone, with no family or friends. Just Alf and an overzealous social worker who gives him one week to create a social link with the outside world. Or else she’ll put him in an asylum. One week to turn from a sheltered hermit to a globally loved darling? Madness! No, Olivier goes for a more pragmatic, not to say radical option: digging up four corpses that are still warm and reuniting with them just in time for a lovely little picture to immortalize their bond. But in the morning he’s shocked to find these deader than dead folks alive and well at the breakfast table… A script that seems to point in the direction of a delirious dissection of the origins of a serial killer. But Martin Owen opts for the complete oppoWebsite direction with this satire of sitcoms complete with pastel colors. Imagine an episode of THE WALKING DEAD with an atmosphere more akin to HAPPY DAYS and you get this atypical fairytale about mourning and coming of age!

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