Thneed-Town is a bit like the urban incarnation of the late Michael Jackson : everything is in plastic! Synthetic lawns, artificial plants, inflatable palm trees… The only place where we can still find some chlorophyll is in a packet of chewing-gum! It’s in this sterilized world that young Ted experiences his first crush. He’s head over heels with Audrey, who has a dream. She wants to see a tree, a real one: to stroke its bark, to smell its sap, to admire its roots deeply penetrating into the ground… Well, what every normal girl would dream of. Ted decides then and there to leave his cellophane Central Park and go look for a trunk worth her while. He’ll discover a fairytale world full of marshmallow eating bar-ba-loots and truffle trees as silky as a Pomeranian dog washed with lots of fabric softener. But most of all, there’s the spokesman for the trees: the Lorax, a sort of hairy peanut who is as much a misanthropist as an environmentalist. When the little geniuses responsible from the worldwide success of Despicable Me adapt a story of Dr Seuss ( The Grinch, The Cat in the Hat ), we have to be prepared for everything! Dr Seuss’ The Lorax delivers an ecological story without moralising and is top class family entertainment and cutting edge animation for the price of one. With the voices of Danny DeVito, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift!

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