Ami is a beautiful and very popular high school student. When her younger brother is killed by bullies, her life turns into a nightmare. The family of the perpetrators are none other than a bunch of bloodthirsty Yakuza Ninja’s. Ami tries to avenge her brother but barely escapes with her life and one arm less. She replaces her lost limb by a machine gun, pieced together for her by a kindly garage mechanic. All hell breaks loose when Ami confronts the gang. There will be blood, lots of it. Tons of it ! Splatter vendetta galore in The Machine Girl, a fine little gem of exploitation cinema by director Noboru Iguchi (Sukeban Boy). Get ready for a festival of dismemberment with a wide range of artillery; from Ash’s chainsaw and the Terminator’s Gatling gun to the flying guillotines of the Shaw Brothers. Special effects are courtesy of Yoshihiro Nishimura ( Meatball Machine, Exte : Hair Extensions, Death Note : The Last Name ), the action director is Masaki Suzumura ( Death Trance ) and Ami, the sexy death machine, is incarnated by the delicious Asami ( Sukeban Boy ).

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