Victor Bukowski, a chaotic, delusional dreamer, is having a hard time as an actor. His constant conflicts with the few directors who still want to hire him, are threatening to get him thrown of the stage for good. Even worse, his difficult character does not really allow for stabile relationships. And at the moment he is passionately in love with his ex-girlfriend Sylvia, a psychologist. Unfortunately, she’s going to marry his dependable and pragmatic friend Dave and she’s going to do so tomorrow. The two broke up because Victor told her that he was having an affair. When a last-ditch campaign to win Sylvia’s heart back fails, Victor drowns his sorrows and pours out his heart to nubile barmaid Diane. Having set his mind on ending it all, he stumbles out drunk into the night. As he leaves, Diane gives him a magic umbrella. Suddenly Rafael and Don Miguel, two eccentric dustmen, show up. They take Victor to their trash-filled hangar and by some unexplainable sorcery they send him back into time, to just before the moment he was about to tell Sylvia that he was cheating on her. Now he has the opportunity to replay his life and correct his mistakes.
The Man with Rain in his Shoes is a charming romantic comedy by Spanish director Maria Ripoll. It elaborates on the point that a life replayed may not repeat the same mistakes, but most likely others will take their place. Ripoll learned the tricks of the trade as an assistant-director for well-known names such as Bigas Luna for El nino de la luna and Agusti Villaronga for Estacion Central. She completed her education with a three year stint at the American Film Institute, where she made several shorts. Upon returning to Spain, she worked on many television productions. The Man with Rain in his Shoes, a British-Spanish co-production, is her long feature film debut. Douglas Henshall (Dennis Potter’s Lipstick on Your Collar, Angels and Insects, Kull the Conqueror) gives a bravado performance as Victor. Lena Heady (Remains of the Day, Devil’s Advocate, Face) is very convincing as the whiny, passive Sylvia. Mark Strong (Tv’s Prime Suspect, Fever Pitch) plays Dave and the enchanting Penelope Cruz (Jamon, Jamon, Carne Tremula, Abre Los Ojos) portrays the luscious Louise, an aspiring novelist who catches Victor’s eye..

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