A man wakes up in the year 2030 without any memory of his previous life. He’s given a job as a cleaner in a corporate building, where he falls for the stunning office manager Goria. Even though their worlds couldn’t be more opposite, being amnesic gives Adam a bit more charm and sparks fly between them. Despite the romance, Adam is still haunted by his lost past. When he comes across a box with a radio in it playing 1950s music, he immediately connects with his past life. He starts questioning everything he sees in this dystopian future where he has no role to play. In 2013 Polish director Bodo Kox made the enigmatic The Girl from the Wardrobe. This time he brings us another gem : The Man with the Magic Box, magnificently shot by cinematographer Dominik Danilczyk. While no doubt inspired by retro futurist movies like Blade Runner or Brazil, it brings Polish scifi to an international level. Fans of the time-traveling subgenre will love the new take Bodo Kox has to offer.

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