A tragedy of jealousy: in the late nineteenth century, a doctor, his wife and her lover are savagely killed by the doctor’s hunchbacked secretary. Once his desperate act is accomplished, he suicides himself, leaving only one survivor behind – Orwitz, the couple’s child.
Forty years later, Orwitz, diabetic like his father, is living his last moments in a hospital bed. Perfectly still with his eyes closed, pale Orwitz is still fully energetic… Because in the city, four people go through some odd trances from which they wake up disoriented, without any memory of them. And even though they never met each other or Orwitz, they have an irrepressible drive and start their way towards some villa, the very one crime scene…
This discerning story full of parapsychologist powers, which takes place in the stuffy air of a small provincial town where the increasing Nazism begins to be unpleasantly felt, was created and remarkably put on by Jacek KOPROWICZ – this is only his second full-length feature film.
KOPROWICZ, 41 years old, first found interest in philosophy and photography before throwing himself into theatre direction and production. His first movie, The Destiny, was out in 1983.

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