Even the most sheltered incel on Earth now realizes that South-Korea has grown into one of the most modern countries in the world. It is now easier to spot influencers in the streets of Seoul than to score a bowl of cheap noodles. Against this hip background, two vloggers try to give a much-needed boost to their less-than-flashy online careers. Together they head to the mountains of inland Korea to a remote spot where (allegedly) a man lives in complete harmony with nature. This so-called ‘Nature Man’ begrudgingly – he’s more the solitary type – welcomes them in their home, a home that is as primitive as they had hoped for. However, their man isn’t quite the fountain of age-old wisdom they had imagined and he’s an awful cook to boot. It slowly begins to dawn on our heroic duo that they have put their lives in the hands of a pretty unpredictable dude who is surprisingly skilled at wielding razor-sharp farming tools… And what to think of all the wrappers of delicious home-delivered noodles they stumble upon in the trash? We already figured director Young-seok Noh isn’t much of a fan of healthy mountain air when he presented INTRUDERS at the BIFFF in 2014. Now he’s back with a film that is even harder to categorize: weird, frightening and taking the piss out of our hyper-connected consumerist society’s obsession with “returning to nature”.

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