When night falls and honest people are sleeping, they’re awake.
They watch, like Batman scrutinizes Gotham City, with sharp eyes.
Their territory? Surveying the offices of a Baltimore newspaper. Their
names? Ken, Lucas and Jiggetts. Their skills? Cheating at poker, the
exceptional ability to eat three donuts at once and some solid tech
skills when it comes to replacing surveillance camera footage with
porn channels. Their mission? Above all, not to fall asleep at work.
But when the coffin of a famous clown, who mysteriously kicked
the bucket during a tour in Romania, is mistakenly delivered to their
offices, their monotonous routine will be somewhat turned upside
down. The corpse is not so dead as it looks and awakes with quite
an appetite. And with the editorial staff pulling an all-nighter, there
are plenty of tasty morsels around. It’s up to our watchmen to save
everybody… if they weren’t so busy trying to save themselves.
The Night Watchmen, directed by Mitchell Altieri (The Hamiltons,
The Thompsons), was made for midnight movie buffs. This demented
cousin of Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead is as bloody as it is fun.
It’s a slapstick, gore-soaked silly horror comedy that will put a smile
on your face as the walls get soaked with blood.

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