Stéphanie Tavernier, number four on the WTA ranking, trains as possessed for Roland Garros. Her coach André watches over her like a father, preparing her as best as he can for the match of a lifetime. He also keeps an eye on her sparring partner Ralph, who keeps launching serves, volleys and smashes at her. But the trio has to prepare under very special circumstances. World War Three is raging and Stéphanie and André are refugees, wandering through Northern Europe to train for The Open without even a net or tennis balls. And Ralph is actually a prisoner of war!

Mad Max meets Antonioni in this unique, surreal and existential vision on the human condition. The Feature debut of French director Marc Lahore, a Belgian – French – English coproduction, shows how folly and obsession seems to be the only possible resistance against a faceless war. With Maia Levasseur-Costil as Stéphanie, Pierre Benoist (Point Blank) as André and James Northcote (The Imitation Game, Nymphomaniac) as Ralph.

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