In the near future, humanity has built an artificial square paradise on the surface of the Moon. You can only reach it if you have the appearance and the way of thinking of a square. To achieve this goal, people use “square-ism machines”: presses, corrective devices and cosmetic surgeries that mold their bodies like cubes and close their minds to questioning. Peter Press, probably the most obsessed citizen to fit in this society, has been living with a press on his head for 20 years and has just completed his “square-ism” process. About to get the passage to the Moon, an incident forces him to take the press off and observe a different form. This new shape shakes the foundations of everything he beliefs in and jeopardizes his entrance to the precious Eden. Not even the Geometric Imperfection Disorder support group are able to help him out. If Peter can’t connect to his inner square, he’ll be lost. Just imagine, a society that forces you to change your body into square shapes instead of our round and curvy shapes. And all that to fit into one giant big tower as if you’re a Tetris piece. Diego Guzmán’s THE OTHER SHAPE is one powerful metaphor of how humans are willing to do everything just to (literally here) “fit in”. Our desire to conform, our fear not to be marginalized or just not to be made fun off, all combined in a beautiful and visually delicious animation movie without dialogues and superb music. That’s the power of animation, folks!

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