Four friends head off to the Mojave Desert to shoot a video clip. Each one has his neat little tent to pitch, a water bottle and sun-cream. When night falls they go to sleep. That is, if the desert lets them… Everything that happens afterwards will have to stay between us because even just trying to put into words what happens risks to twist our poor little stomachs. So, let’s continue with a more neutral content to keep your heart rate down before the screening. The famous Mojave desert is a 40.000 km² area with a lot of rocks. It can be very hot, like in Death Valley, because it is located in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada. Not much in the way of flowers, apart from a couple o’ yuccas. In terms of animals, there’s red-tailed hawks, roadrunners and bighorn sheep, also called the ovis canadensis. That other Canadian ovis, Céline Dion, also shot two video clips there. But she’s had way more luck than the four clowns we have here… With THE OUTWATERS, you will start off by hating up deeply and bitterly. Then you’ll wonder what the hell it is you’re watching. And finally you’re going to regret underestimating your limit of horror tolerance. Director Robbie Banfitch transcends the found footage framework and lets the whole thing spiral off into a visceral experience of cosmic guts and gore. The critics, for once, are all on the same page: barbaric, ruthless, insane, sick and damn hard to forget. Please don’t mess up our seats in case you start feeling unwell.

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