THE PASSENGER by Raúl Cerezo & Fernando González Goméz

“I am a passenger… And I ride, and I ride” – that’s exactly what Blasco, el Iggy Pop español, does and has been doing for possibly the past four decades: bringing passengers to their destination chugging along Spain’s highways at 30 mph in his trusty minivan-slash-rust bucket. And his wheels aren’t the only thing that has seen better days, Blazin’ Blasco himself has been rather out of the loop lately. Let’s just say his merry bullshit-talking macho shtick doesn’t translate well into the Woke Age (the man didn’t even arrive in the Wok Age yet, preferring good old-fashioned cochinillo and chorizo). So when he embarks on yet another trip with three female passengers, you can imagine how things will go down… Except you can’t! Coz they end up car-pooling with a nasty, gooey, body-snatching alien hitch-hiker – not at all the E.T. kind – to liven up their journey! Steeped in the bright, poisonous colors of old-school gothic horror and sci-fi B-movies à la Bava, directors Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez’s joyride takes us through all of our favorite Spanish landscapes, from Pedro Almodóvar’s and Bigas Luna’s big, brash melodrama to Álex De La Iglesia’s balls-to-the-wall intensity. It’s fun, it’s loud, it’s outlandish and it’s a real crowd-pleaser and we’re sure you’re gonna have a ball with it at the BIFFF!

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