Ten years after Marine David Herdeg (Brad Johnson) was transported from 1943 to 1983 in a failed experiment and made it back safely, things go wrong again. Power-hungry soldier Mailer misuses the discovered technology to send a Stealth nuclear bomber to Germany in 1943. The consequences are obvious. The Nazis win the war and the swastika lands on American soil. Herdeg, the only man who can travel through time alive, is catapulted into the alternative America of 1993. Pursued by brown-shirts, David must find the time generator to flash back to 1943 and restore history. He can count on the help of the rebels and their leader Jess (Marjean Holden), with whom he falls in love. And that is a very sadistic move by the scriptwriter, because if David succeeds in restoring the course of history (if, if…), he will erase the alternative timeline and loose his love. What’s a man to do?

Director Stephen Cornwell (The Killing Streets), who is currently working on the contemporary adaptation of the Fritz Lang classic M, plays to his heart’s content with father time and mother alternative reality. Brad Johnson (the lovable hero from Steven Spielberg’s Always) is the time traveller. Marjean Holden (Nemesis, Silent Night, Deadly Night IV) is the rebel leader. Responsible for all the trouble David Herdeg must struggle through is screenwriter Kevin Rock (The Howling VI & VII, Warlock: The Armageddon).

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