A cloud of dust. A worn-down car speeds away on the desert road at nightfall. Inside, four gruff gangsters urge a woman behind the wheel to step on it. They’ve taken her hostage after a pawnshop robbery gone horribly wrong. Alex, in the backseat, is the nervous, intense type, seizing every opportunity he gets for gratuitous bloodshed. Many such opportunities were seized back in the pawnshop. He leaves all decision-making – to kill or not to kill – to his dice which he carries with him at all times. In short, the ideal son-in-law. When the car breaks down in the middle of the desert, he proposes to whack their hostage. Luckily, their leader Cody, a much more level-headed man, is calling the shots… for now. He proposes they should take refuge in a farmhouse up ahead and get some sleep. Little does he know that an even greater evil than themselves awaits them there: a perverted doctor and a giant female version of Leatherface he calls his assistant…

Ryûhei Kitamura (VERSUS, AZUMI… is back with a particularly vile creature. What starts off as a tense psychothriller with great, crude dialogue brutally crashes into darker sadistic horror territory with such extreme splatter that it will make gore hounds giddy. Kitamura offers us a true grindhouse gem with an incredible cast that includes veteran Vernon Wells (MAD MAX 2: ROAD WARRIOR), Stephen Dorff (BLADE) and especially Emile Hirsch (INTO THE WILD), who is completely metamorphosed as Alex, reminding us of Quentin Tarantino’s role in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN amped up to 1000!

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