England, the seventies. Professor Coupland, an unorthodox but charismatic college professor, recruits some of his students with an open mind to participate in a unique experiment: the creation of a poltergeist. Crucial for the success of the undertaking is Jane Harper, a seriously mentally disturbed girl who will serve as the catalyst. Coupland hires cameraman Brian McNeill to film the events. It goes without saying that the experiment will seriously go off the rails. Those who want to destroy the barriers between the living and the dead will have to pay a heavy price. The supernatural thriller The Quiet Ones, the feature film debut by scriptwriter John Pogue (US Marshalls, Ghost Ship), drew its inspiration from a true event that transpired in the 70ties when a poltergeist went on a rampage. The film was shot in a very creepy and atmospheric mansion in England, the perfect setting for the first horror film by the revamped Hammer Film Studios. Starring Jared Harris (Lincoln, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) as professor Coupland, newcomer Olivia Cooke as Jane and Sam Claflin (Snow White & The Huntsman) as the man who has to capture it all on film.

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