In 1947, the brothers Carmelo and Salvatore La Marca found Trinacria Cinematografica in Palermo, with the intent of creating a little Sicilian Hollywood. To help them in their titanic undertaking, they can count on the key support of three influential figures : Cardinal Vincenzo Sucato, member of parliament Porcaro and Baron Cammarata. The latter, a disciple of Cagliostro, will sell off his estates to finance the brother’s La Marca’s epic The Return of Cagliostro, a tribute to the great count of the occult. For the part of the legendary sorcerer, the brothers and the film’s director, maestro Pino Grisanti, decide to hire the faded old Hollywood glory, the great Erroll Douglas.

Daniele Cipri and Franco Maresco, the mavericks of Sicilian cinema (Toto Who Lived Twice, Cinico TV) are back with their first colour feature, featuring professional actors and even female characters. As usual, they lack any sense of restraint and lyrically portray numerous scabrous and scatological subject matters in this hilarious film about human stupidity. Robert “Freddy” Englund plays the part of Erroll Douglas with the right mixture of solemnity and camp.

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