THE ROOM by Christian Volckman

Kate and Matt have grown tired of the busy city life and decide to move to a more quiet place. They buy a big old house in the countryside. Their new home needs a thorough makeover, but the two lovebirds are up for it. They roll up their sleeves and start renovating. They discover a hidden room without windows. By accident, Matt discovers that the chamber has an incredible asset. It can tun whatever you wish into reality. Quickly, the house is transformed into something resembling the Playboy mansion. And now, after two miscarriages, Kate desperately wants a child… Thirteen years after the successful RENAISSANCE, Christian Volckman returns to the silver screen! With this incredibly tempting room as starting point, he pulls out all the stops to take this simple concept to its limits (because the summary above is only the beginning…). Surprising, chilling, terrifying and devilishly efficient! This Belgian co-production stars Olga Kurylenko (OBLIVION, QUANTUM OF SOLACE) and our very own Kevin Janssens (D’ARDENNEN, REVENGE). A world premiere at the BIFFF!!

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