Sutheast Asia is not just a holiday paradise. It’s also the favorite haven of the Korean underworld, where they can continue to squeeze out a buck from all the Korean tourists and businessmen. Detective Ma and Captain Jeon travel to Vietnam to extradite a gangster. The guy actually sought refuge in the embassy because his boss’s methods were becoming a bit extreme even to him. We’re talking about Kang, the ruthless leader of a well-oiled crime machine responsible for the kidnapping and murder of several Korean tourists. Obviously, our dynamic duo can’t stand for that and they decide to go after Kang. It doesn’t take long before they also have to deal with rival gangs, their Vietnamese colleagues and a father who seeks revenge for his son’s murder. Fortunately, Ma couldn’t care much about the rules and (literally) punches his way through the investigation. THE ROUNDUP, the sequel to 2017’s THE OUTLAWS, was last year’s Korean box office champion. Not surprising, considering the movie’s a perfect fit for the imposing stature of Dong-seok Ma aka Don Lee (TRAIN TO BUSAN, THE ETERNALS). He brawls his way towards his goal, like a cross between Dirty Harry and Bud Spencer. Comic relief can be found in the interaction with Gwi-hwa Choi (PROJECT WOLF HUNTING) as Captain Jeon. And Sukku Song (HIT-AND-RUN SQUAD) portrays a wonderfully menacing and unpredictable Kang. THE ROUNDUP is the ideal wedding between humor and brutal action scenes, whirling towards a very satisfying ending. Appointment next year at the BIFFF for part 3?!

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