A Bucolic scene straight out of a classic Disney movie: birdies flutter, bunnies nuzzle, a Bambi-esque deer gracefully grazes. And then – VROOOM! – the idyll is disrupted as a Reptar wagon rumbles through it with some screaming toddlers aboard. Danger: Rugrats at work. The Rugrats Movie finds the Pickles family facing the biggest adventure to happen in any household – the birth of a new baby. As Stu and Didi Pickles struggle with the changes associated with the arrival of baby Dylan (Dil), big brother Tommy and his pals Chuckie (his phobic best friend), twins Lil and Phil (an erstwhile Greek chorus), and 3-year-old Angelica (the crabby, charismatic foil who communicates with both babies and parents) decide that the baby’s antics are cramping their style and attempt to take him back to the “hop-sickle.” Attempting the trip to the hospital in one of Stu’s wacky inventions, the Reptar Wagon, the Rugrats lose their way and end up lost in a vast forest, populated by looming shadows, a wily wolf, a mysterious wizard and a group of hungry monkeys that have escaped from the circus.
Rugrats is the most popular children’s series on US television. Watched by more than 23 million viewers each week – kids and parents alike – Rugrats is bigger with the 2-11-year-old crowd than established hits like Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. The Rugrats Movie is produced by the award-winning animation studio Klasky Csupo, Inc. The producers are Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo, the duo that created this critically acclaimed, top-rated series along with Paul Germain. As the Rugrats plunge into the big, wide world of adventure and intrigue, the movie’s larger-than-life scale accentuates the very element that Rugrats fans young and old are drawn to: life as seen from a knee-high point of view.

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